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and also of the materials carried by the stretcher-bearers
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and guide the patient to a safe convalescence when the fever
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If the wounded man arrives at the ambulance station fixed
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prognosis to establish between wounds thus made and those
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.have a well-marked development of lung-disease; and I was not surprised to find,
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one or two large splinters, the lines of whose fissures join
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laxis. The various theories are discussed ably and impar-
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2. Perforation zones (regular course, from 500 to 2,000
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by the finger could not now be effected. The angle of the
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be, since "science is now only slowly spelling out to us, letter by
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on the first instalment of the " Cyclopaedia of Drug Pathogen-
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Though he had abandoned general practice and confined himself to
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work on the subject. An idea of its wide appreciation may be
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a lecturer. He attended President McKinley after he was shot in
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Scarcely a daily paper appeared, during the later period of Gen.
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able if he wished primarily and as a general rule to search
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by medicine and surgery during the year 1884. Among the
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being weakened, but still perceptible (Laurent). It can be
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" rational " treatment. Hygiene and general treatment are much
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Frank Canfield Hollister received much of his early education from
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by the rattle of drum and shriek of ^{t on battle-fields,
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especially of the surgeons at the front. The treatment has
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Peoria, Illinois, and was afterwards in the employ of George Moore
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of the Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, where he remained for
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clearness, their originality, and their practical usefulness. We
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that actually necessary to preserve life. The surplus is as hurt-
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had it most violently. Many have not been confined to their
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for a short period with the house staff of the Boston City Hospital not
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at the University Medical School, and was graduated by
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brain from noises that cause pain when they strike on it.
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grow. It is not the direct or the eruptive pressure, but the
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latter part of the year. This school was at that time one
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tion with ineffectual desire, with a sensation as if something was
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to it (vide infra), still, it is impossible to come to a correct understanding of the
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disordered healthy action. They know, also, that there is a ten-
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quadratus lumborum, etc.) is very sensitive. All motions of the trunk, such
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upon the practice of medicine with one year as an interne at the
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earned admittance to the profession, attached himself to the house
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