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John F. Erdmann of New York considers cases carefully

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B. M. S., aged 21, had been nervous for three months, and had been growinf

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supplies the material for new tissue. Now, as alcohol stops the full

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who had been suffering from the consequences of splanch-

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force of the heart has greatly increased. The wounds and excoriated places on the foot pre-

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1893.— 2. Idem. Med.-Chir. Trans, vol. lxx. 1887. — 3 Hutchinson. "Clinical

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The patient still lay on the right side. She took egg-

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gorgement, consequent in part on the cervical lacemtion and

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children are more liable to inflammation of the brain or its

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persisting beyond the second flea would sufiice to give an

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collect on the bottom as possible. This fluid was then inoculated with the

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quote observations published in 1910 by Guder and Dufour on sixty-

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consider will be the true gastroptosis or sinking down-

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In spite of the many favorable reports which have been made

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ed, his under lip drawn in, adhesions and cicatrizations

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theria to which the young and graceful ' tact with a suppurating sore; and it never

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Book the Third concludes the volume with a practical summary of the

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amino-acid is 165 the lowest possible molecular weight of gelatin is

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phenomena of asthma are a tendency to pass an abundance of pale

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and L,500 units subcutaneously around the left sciatic

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C, 3315 per cent; H, 5.61 per cent.; N, 7.70 per cent.

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ulants, may be used as a change in cases of protracted

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efforts of the orator or statesman, cor his pathway bestrewn

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the hands of others. Out of 89 cases treated by fourteen different prac-

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mal desaturations (less than or equal to 4%), is not

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pour upon it 1 pint of the strained liquid, and when it

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first pointed out by Papavoine in 1830, that the essential morbid change is

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columns indicate daily fat output in the urine. Dots joined by line indicate daily

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be communicated to the susceptible, but the stage of suppuration is

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iety, should be guarded against as much as possible. John Hunter

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inquiry, by referring him to the anatomical works of Leber,

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like a general empyema, the interlobar form shows a

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The use of /iclatiue discs in tbe eye. Med. & Surg.

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Bridger''(A. E.) Delusions, the result of intestinal ac-

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cases which are due to failure of ovarian function and to uterine

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