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body the bacterial poisons or proteins owing to the fact that the
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Class E.xammations of Oxford or Cambridge. An Examina
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in the contiguous vertebra form the lateral foramina
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should have been duly educated tested and qualified in all
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tongue swollen and ulcerated there is profuse salivation with very
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From this time on the patient failed rapidly she grew
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The enterprise here shown will doubtless have its reward in
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brethren with a new plan of treatment for a frequent and im
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ship existing between this increase of sugar consump
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fermentation and decomposition. When the amount of decomposable
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excites nausea and vomiting associated with prolonged ttrangling this
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and the recent legal enactments regulating the prac
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visceral tracts viz. disordered peristalsis absorption secretion
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developed in the struggle for existence. Emmetropia is
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This fact should Ije sufficient to extinguish vanity and
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peculiarly unfortunate to the Esculapian most depressing seeing
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Fuller and L. Everett Foster were elected to membership
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drops of serum from the blood of a typhoid patient
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of a strain of streptococcus which had produced arthritis in a rabbit
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out some words but I could not come across any of these nor

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