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by hanging, however gorged the external parts of the head may be by blood

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because the suppression must be restored or the health will permanently

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recall severe criticism upon the treatment, based upon the statement

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small pea. Theee granulations are of a grayiah-ochre color, mostly firm, and

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is said that by his practice and very fortunate marriages he

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produced by chemical decomposition, with which they are

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pected, when he discovered that doctrines which had

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*Wc are indebted to Mr. W. S. Montgomery, President of Spartan Mills,

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head of an elevated-train engine falling dowTi by hnn.

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result of treatment ; but fibroid transformation and necrosed tissue,

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in maintaining the grasp upon the head. This is still mor

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year, while in the sister kingdoms a great decrease in the

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The markeil defects of our law were, first, that it was

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well as the patients themselves, will be happier, on the whole, if they

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the countenance assumes a yellowish white, cachectic appearance, and the dropsy in

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by aspiration throughout the lower portion of the lung.

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J. B. Ray, of Harrisonville, is soon to locate in Portsmouth.

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su^ar to be found in the stools. It was also noticed that during the

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1, 1901. Actual Numbers and Rate per 10,000 per annum.

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5. The administration of purgatives before the operation.

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the laboratory criteria, the early isolation in less than 48

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proving his educational facilities. The labors of Professor

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gives a satisfactory clue to the nature of the epidemic. A large

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inje3tion we all knew in Edinburgh many years ago, and I believe

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gether, v\ x. of the resulting solution represented ^x.\

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wards, a posture in which all the vertebrsB woald be more

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and mind to which this fearful disease sooner or later re-

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might have been much the same as those actually present. Of

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in the younger cases, mechanical force is unnecessary. He sum-

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although so closely related to the subject. Graham has

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few seconds to half an hour or perhaps even longer. The attack is not

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