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asbestos while the needle is of platinum. By washing

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cesophagus it is oesophageal. If the scirrhus occupy the lower

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but not as much so as in insufficience. Upon palpation we often feel

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posterior arches of the vertebrae having given place to the mallet and

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Noticed a strong smell of carbolic acid emanating from the child

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membrane is capable of giving off its own secretion

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died. Dyspnea was more intense than during the first attack

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city of adapting themselves to the amount of blood which is driven

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the mucous liuing of this portion of the tract consists ol

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at blood temperature. It forms grayish white or yellowish white

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we probably have other diameters of sufficient size to permit the easy

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colleagues in the residency and on the staff and of some selected

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exclude it. Nothnagel s classification is as follows i

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The intensity of the disease at the vaginal end of the cer

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opium every six hours and after this date as stated the

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tions in the space of Retzius but recalled a case told him

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In my pioneer life I have experienced most of the enjoy

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plastic deposit which in many cases so closely resem

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fever chronic lung disease diabetes etc. Chronic alcoholism is a cause

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scribe mercury for a prolonged period and in order to

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will agree the precise treatment being adapted to the particular

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broken out on board. During the voyage fresh cases and

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Every employe of the abattoir who has to do with the kill

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papillary layer but it infiltrates and difliuses in

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Rochelle salt commonly occurs as a white powder of a bitterish cool

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The little book contains a considerable amount of valuable

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ventricular dis.soi iation without essential lengthening of

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since tliat side would be considerably darker than the other. One side

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are The American Veterinary Medical Association the state

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hemorrhage though a few zones are found containing fibrin. My

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