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delusion about his affairs, so that he thinks himself

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with giddiness, exhilaration, and loss of muscular co-ordination

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troops in cantonments could be protected by improving

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of a woman supposed to be in labor, whom he had re-

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wilensky: value of cranial decompressive operations 869

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Another point in regard to which my cases are opposed to the statements

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This subject has been closely investigated quite recently by Dr.

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same treatment has never effected a cure of the attacks

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from two hours to twenty-four, none having lasted longer

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See also Aurum Musivum, and Argentum Musivum, above.

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He said he did not feel a day older than forty. With

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Pathological Anatomy. — The obstruction may be the

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air, and moderate exercise, are essential elements in the therapy of

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comment is unable to reach it. The task which has been under-

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1945. Park, Feltx, Roman, 1980 Utica Sq., Tulsa, Okla. (74114)

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latter an adult who exhibited grave toxic symptoms after taking four grains.

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In the spring of 1883, he consulted Dr. Burnett on account of ocular

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ternal Iliac Artery, by Dr. J. W. S. Gouley, of New York County.

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whose father died iu a lunatic asylum, who had previously suffered

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of normal granular contents to mere roundish masses

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words distmctly. Seems to talk with her throat and iiose ;n

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example, found in rheumatoid arthritis patients a di-

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and as little medicine as possible should l)e given after the

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home. lie died on the 8th of September ; having been unable to sleep

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head, but every tissue and ramification of fibre with the utmost exact-

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duced successfully in the last Bill, and he added that the objec-

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retention of portions of the ovum, I made use of the wire

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of the Skin," Trans. Dermat. Soe. of Great Brit, and Ireland, vol. iii. 1896-97. —

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times. The result of the treatment was that the blood-donors, three in num-

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(c) Affections of the fifth nerve are, as we have seen, very common

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policy, throughout the year, feeling that by doing so,

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There had been very little pus discharge, almost none, up to that time.

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cent.^ and among those who had four or more cicatrices, J per cent.^ In

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case in which he considers the exophthalmic goiter was the

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linear and logistic regression analysis, and Fisher’s exact

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By this, the prospects of African colonization are delayed, and Liberia

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32 general hospitals offering pediatric inpatient services.*

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the injection very strong and very painful contractions.

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