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tent official says The objection of Sir Victor Hors
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first pure culture of the particular microorganism that
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As to the surgical treatment of these cases the follow
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sugar detected in the urine. This interesting observa
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tebrates. An advance is the copulation of the anura
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length of time but the disease never remains incessantly for any
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geriget Danmark. Statistics of health in the Kingdom
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inarily wide limits by substituting groups in the place of the hydrogen
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examinations reveal any visceral disease nor ophthalmoscopic ex
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new s will enable him to assist the Class in their anatomical
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HtiolO. A marked predisposing influence is age the disease
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mucoid material. A section of the cyst wall showed a
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The systematic excision of the retro tarsal fold was
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inflammation in tetanic patients. It discloses to us a fact which we
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phosphoric acid moieties nor deso yribose aldehyde are responsible
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staff includes Albert Hassall Harry W. Graybill and Maurice C. Hall assistant
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the red disks which thus escape are sufficient to ac
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comes inflamed the patient invariably places hi gt limb in a
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school. He replied No I would like to send them but I
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of Europe from the northeast of France to the eastern
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interior exudation of lymph which had organised into
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only thirteen cases. The causes of the affection are
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minimum temperature of their growth. The bacillus of mam
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are in great preponderance plasma cells and cells containing granules

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