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sometimes while thus reclining she can flex and extend the legs very well;

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metatarso-phalangeal joints. The trouble is observed especially in women in

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inscription to a student who, not having been able to take them at the

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cles, as usually happens in severe cases, the patients often make the strangest

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a post or a wall. If such a patient, with a considerable degree of anteflexion

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which is seen in fresh cerebral hemorrhage, but moderate fever sets in, as a

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P^rf0fy^n9 fM acceptance inspection of all foods rt^ceivid for milita^lsr The flwl

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have seen in some cases considerable benefit from this (phosphorus, gr. -^fa

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frtdiH^^^' ,^f®^fj,3"^ surveillance inspection procedures are discussed and sources of

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readily distinguished from the movements of chorea. It is not difficult to

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In the first period of the disease a subjective feeling of illness is frequently

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This is explained by the arrangement of the spinal motor centers. Thus, for

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ance of sensation is found on the posterior aspect of the thighs, the buttocks,

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more or less profoundly affected. The weight decreases, the temperature is

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conditions. Thus, for example, existing word deafness where the ability to

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pointed by the medical officers for receiving and visiting their patients ; that

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Shields, Jane, a, w, sp, Salt Lake City, Utah. A.B. (U. of Utah) '33.

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described under arteriosclerosis, are, of course, to be expected.

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fostered more particularly by the unscrupulous advertisements of so-called

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Appoin^mvents, — Dresserships in the extraction room : These appoint-

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ance at these classes, although optional, is found to be highly advantageous to

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steri.uatTon process. Cans which nave been neat-sterilized (aoout 450' to 500=- f.) are

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the First M.B., he will prepare himself for the Final L.B.O.P.9 or

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increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. This hyperplasia of the fatty

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ling^thli^ ani^u"^^ ^ *° thoroughly wash the4r hands after hand-

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forms of meningitis. Sometimes we can detect optic neuritis with the oph-

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normal processes in the muscles to excite the tremor and tonic contraction.

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detect, on close examination, that the tongue is beginning to atrophy. It

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1, Salting, Salt nay be added to the curd ^"^R^rove Its flavor. The «^nt*of

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