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tain of these so-called facts ; and we believe that

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prostates are due to gonorrhoea. (11) Osteopathic Treatment:

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was an accident for which the tumour ought not to be blamed.

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acid as a surgical dressing. Ilowse. however, claims

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attempt to classify those under such headings as blood, sputum,

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as in an acute nephritis, there may be anorexia, nausea, headache.

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upon the method, but he would be glad if other members of

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Mercuric Cyanide, a preparation first suggested, we believe, in Sweden.

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York and Philadelphia, in local '-nests" of unsanitary conditions.

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use of Perforating or Cutting Instruments is expedient or

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t Medical Education, Medical Service, and the newly created

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23 months). Although 19 patients underwent more than one

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begun as early as possible; any chancre is sufficiently characteristic to

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obliged to take a lighter or a different job than 1 effort at work resumption or readjustment,

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conjugate diameter of the pelvis is under 2^ inches?" Here all

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chief. Now it would be unfair to mankind to abridge the hopes

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he will charge you considerably more for the accommo-

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sensation. Perhaps the very latest is that which goes

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quired less expenditure of nerve-force. The speaker gave in

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.Acute articular gout is a decidedly rare affection in women of the

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Stimulating Diaphoretic Ball. Emetic tartar 1 \ dr., ginger 2 dr.,

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tis. Med. Sc Surg. Reporter, Phila., 1883, xlix, 018-

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them with the Delbet gimlet, radium applicators being intro-

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digestive powers of the patient. All other causes which might lead

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general condition. No treatment as yet known, however, is entirely

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The disclosures of painful doings in poor-house in-

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in which the directors stated the continued financial success

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Dispersed layouts decrease vulnerability and are particularly de-

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R. V. Wils.m. of Clearfield. N. J.; and Drs. J.Gordon

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