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Analysis disclosed no salts of lead or copper, as indeed none could

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called in consultation, and urged an immediate resort

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not due alone to doctors, nor the public health service,

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have been more extensively described by Baermaini. This lesion is

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our patients would be dead or well before operation could be

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te as well after it was pasteurized by bacteriolojjical counts as before, \h\-

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have diminished in width and increased in length. They now

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affections. It appears to be now a generally accepted opinion

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ate. While these two inorganic salts are always found present in such

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several months. Although the natural home of relapsing fever is Ire-

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the pelvis and vagina, often with a suddenly fatal result. Within

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this collection since it has been at the Poyal College of Surgeons, and

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folds, etc., can be felt. Croup, or laryngismus stridulus, foreign

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Photogiaph showing pylorus opened on anterior aspect 126

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Fed Ticks.— Spencer and Parker (Pub. Health Rep., 1923, 38, 333)

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"under," and the commencing of the anaes- minds. A few deep inhalations suffice to

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at the Center for Continuation Study May 12-13-14. The

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The Bureau was continued in sectional session in the afternoon, and

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discharged from another's bowels ; that, in short, the diffusion

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(6.) Vocal fremitus is often increased just above the upper

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dinal fibres, whose bundles give to the inner surface of the bronchi

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there "were certain peculiarities which will serve as matter for que-

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destroy life like poisons. The symptoms preceding death, the disposition

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mained fixed in its abnormal position ; the cough and

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clinical picture, finally much the same, whether the early s>Tnp-

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infections. If prophylaxis is discontinued, the patient will

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without any concealed springs or other obstruction which

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dip])ing into a depression of the rete Malpighii corresponds to the

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that normal blood, when deprived of oxygen, in the absence of micro-

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therapeutical properties, and in foreign pharmacopcE-

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rather see a patient whose pulse will go up and down as does the tem-

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raging in the neighbourhood — at least within hundreds of

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In pannous conditions, dropping in tindture of opium, or pencilling the lids

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the opportunity of studying with Dejerine two cases of gangrene

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