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unless there is some direct indication we should spend no time in dis-
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which have been ligated and excised near their anastomosis. In
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At first I found patients complained of dizziness, or faintness,
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* Institutions which have made contributions in ex-
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eventually enlarges and constitutes a circular ulcer, witli overlapping
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color. Ringing in the ears and a dulling of the hearing is common. TV
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a feature of several diseases than a disease in itself.
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unable to perform the duties — some other gentlemen for the
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ing and the sermon, but were in good time for the sec-
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responding to the angular projection of the heart's
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cases, and they have got well. In all the other cases, where
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operation, and which will always be the effect of a premature
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systole and diastole of the ventricle." Without doing more
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upon animals and upon plants, directly or indirectly. The physical
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undergone, with success, resection of the tibia. The
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this morbid growth that digestion and absorption are
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uring about two square inches ; on one occasion there were twenty-
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The arrangements for this trip are not yet complete^ though
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seeking practice in town of 30,000 plus population.
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hief of the Division will exercise general supervision, under the
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cil) cm b3 urged against the view that tlie nucleus
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lier of cases of localized and general tuberculosis. He
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shall be paid for the time of such absence at the rate per
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PROGNOSIS. An attack of apoplexy may prove fatal within a very short
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portions of the shaft in monilethrix are the normal portions, and the
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ceive, that mere matter should so arrange its particles as to
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ney was found to be about 5 Cm. in length and 2^ Cm. in width.
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quinin, and without influencing the course of the typhoid
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aneurysms, shows clearly that those structures rupture. In one,
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He considered that this machine should be constructed
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advancing, in the case of certain forms of pericard-
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the more out-of-door life the better. The diet should be nutritious. If, from
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patient, early or at about the middle of the uterine contraction. The
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health has been uniformly good until two years ago, when he had an attack of incoordina-
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seen one or two others, notably one with Dr. Holmes, which I
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that it has been disapproved of by the Academy, and that we
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of the left hand in the rectum, to serve as a guide, and began, by
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mation it contains. It cannot fail to prove of immense
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to the outer surface of the bone, and ends on the edges of the
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are received as officious interference. In a number of patients, though vigi-
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I protest, insisting that I am the victim of circumstances, a
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and remedial measures shows that the problem, in part at
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We have no quarrel with the Christian Scientists in so far as
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subjects for which they are responsible are treated. Each

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