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chief Universities in so far as the Medical Graduates are concerned

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size. Every part has been carefully overhauled and cor

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lection of fees for which services are not rendered including

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gave her so little concern that no operation was ever performed for its

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complete ventilation cleanliness regulation of temperature which should be

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anxious to spare him the scene but he pulled back the shield

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by the writer who found him one morning very lame on the

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members of the court will be independent and not responsi

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and the periostitis increase if the sequestrum shows

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or ceases Ooagh and expectoration continue but the cough is leas hard and

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where spontaneous opening into the stomach and subsequently

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death rate seventy five per cent. Deaths from nephritis

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sociation a short time ago Dr. Bass had described the

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greater or less violent pulsations of the heart or according

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or aqueous drinks should be enjoined. Milk may be employed freely

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and those due to forcible contraction of the chest muscles muscular

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honor of presiding at such a meeting together with a sense

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careful report to guard us against confounding this condition

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did not produce reactions in tuberculous cattle goats dogs or guinea pigs.

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Members of the Nursing Department adhere to a code of ethics. We

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of any of the viscera though it is probable that many cases

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probably ceased to be of interest excepting in a histor

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but this I imputed in great measure to the unsound state of the

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neverthdess usually suffer firom a very distressing shortness of breath

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fish. At o clock in the evening they felt a burning sensation

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purpose for injecting fluid either into the nares or below

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removed at the time of the operation and the resulting sloughs separated

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ally distinguished from insanity but the distinction is

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not be considered under obligation to notice or review any publica

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Hot stupes were applied with much relief a restless night

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whilst in chronic slaucoraa there are slow and orradual

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plaining to a neighbor that the doctor had promised

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and popular methods and by the use of serum. It is hoped that

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After the cold bath is said to have had an acute nephri

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and the infection became localized as was determined

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Acljunct Professor of Legal Medicine at the Secondary School of Angers.

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