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ment of this purpose the modern aids to diagnosis had

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excessive amount of uric acid is excreted in lencocythemia. The nuclein

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the steps of the operation are the same. Taking a case of

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those responsible for the girl s welfare. Such a condition may lead

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so that the newly formed epidermis advancing gradually toward the

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the candidate can get a license to practice by passing the examina

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alcoholic liquors particularly of beer and even of coffee and soups

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even in cases which are not plethoric if transfusion is used. We

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fermentation but to a pathological placenta or ovarian secretion. The fault

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ine three times daily. Three months afterwards the secretion

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will if persisted in permanently weaken the digestive

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ment suffice it to say that from first to last it was conducted

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labelled henceforth Granular Effervescent Citro tartrate of Soda with

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venesection may become necessary in plethoric individuals with

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arms of each bearer are free to assist in holding the

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bloody. The child nurses with great difficulty. In severe cases ulceration

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and research embodied in other forms of protective equipment it was never

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Canada which he had long regretted leaving. Toronto was his

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there have been lesions of the sinuses these were the result of an

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who has an undoubted cancerous formation in the sigmoid flexure.

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increases more rapidly in Bize but sometimes the extrem

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streptococcic serum under the skin gave in per cent

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membrane forming also a tight joint will prove of the

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