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ity was found and the ailditional mortality from tlie

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four hour except after careful study of the effects on

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found respiration becomes slow and labored and the heart s action

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place before the age of forty five and above this latter

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two different species by colony formation or other delicate methods so long

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tion and loss of substance in the mucosa. Occurring as a secondary

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that the excitation of the cervical sympathetic in the

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vomica or gentian continue this two or three months. Charcoal

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We propose in this paper firstly to describe a localised

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boiled every day soiled linen must be soaked in a disin

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dermal thickening where the endoderm of the hyoid gill pocket

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the fruit for the most part was intact and absolutely

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with the cartilages of the second third fourth fifth and sixth ribs.

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efficient so that per cent of their breeding places had been

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constantly found in the throat and blood of scarlet fever cases. Klein

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of wisdom accumulated by the individual at the time of graduation

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The Hartford County Medical Society in assembling for

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condition according to the nature of the dust which

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ed J ceased to give any further trouble. Hut until operation

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lead to the development of a typical attack of erysipelas with septi

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medicine are filled with young physicians who have sought and

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the centre of each hemisphere and in which no other sym

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firmly compressing it but neither this the application of cold nor any

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of cases there is the closest correlation between it and the in

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may possibly cause some hesitation in diagnosis. But there is little

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