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large mononuclear and transitional cells grouped together
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torous breathing moist rales in the chest great exacerbation of the
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Smallpox in England. The epidemic of smallpox which
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It may justifiably be hoped that the use of skiagraphy will encourage
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albuminous the face becomes edematous and cyanotic an ery
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and some wore pleasant in remarking on the curiosity
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chasm which Buckle imagines to exist between the deductive
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bation period that isolation begun at this time will prevent
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when the joint was opened. Synovial capsulectomy was performed
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importance to this subject on considering that a knowledge of
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provement followed. On the eighth day a double dose
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halle where earlier in the season the whey is drunk.
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in called attention to an invasion of the pericellular
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A vote was then taken on Dr. Saunders s resolution to
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ing only to the withering influence of approaching death and
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other means. The absorbed materies seems to be scarcely capable of
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The disadvantage of the McGraw method consisted in its

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