clinched by the occurrernce of hemorrhages consider
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to treat those which are diseased as they may thus readily
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by puncture of the spleen or liver. They are more easily
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appeared to be in process of cure till this was interrupted by
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action but not if there is the slightest impediment to
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the absorbed poisons from the diphtheria bacilli in
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liver. Fatty change was more marked contrary to expectation in spirit
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known chemist had made a series of experiments for the
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almost every day presents points of importance heretofore un
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jrlth or without glandular enlargements or in adults tliey are atill luoro
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of February. Then he began to suffer from generalized
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ankylcsed joints scoliotic vertebrae and C xa e varae sup
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Lungs much congested showing many hemorrhagic spots. Liver bright yellow
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be surprised at the very imperfect state of the Materia Medica as
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added to the Luzon list Cerchneis tiyinuncultts and Collocalia linchi added
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characteristic in medicine than to see an aged gray haired patient extremely
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water h is been recommcnd d as an excellent waxh. Recortl recom
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imagine that it has an acid taste Staphysagria. When there is an illusory
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were cured by massage when everything else had failed.
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tion of the cranial vault an extensive extravasation of blood was
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of these bacilli in milk cannot absolutely be denied.
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In active congestion of the kidneys the beginning of a nephritis there
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action having its point of departure in the lung the lung being
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ucts of its decomposition when partly undigested that cause the dif
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pneumo thorax pulmonary hemorrhage and perforation of
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tant part which it plays in the etiology of the malignant
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