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island was on the regular trade route to the Levant and scarcely a

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some day play the most conspicuous role in the treatment

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defects will influence the ease with which impulses may pass through

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abscesses are very frequently indicated by febrile attacks which

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velop as the result of gastric retention are the most common

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mortality is very small. These facts should be sufficient to

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Cataleptic state. Hewas brought to the asylum in re

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organizing the Veterinary Corps of the Army Medical Department

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and suckled both the last having been born twenty years

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tinued even at the date of the patient s discharge on November the

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The iatTodnction of lead into the system in sufficient quantity to give rise

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not use it more than once or twice in country practice.

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The ear was elevated in its lower part. The overlying

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blow made a small wound which bled quite profusely.

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mitted to my service at the City Hospital. His com

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or after the menopause and the arrest of menstruation in the only

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ment to be considered under Dilatation. The condition of hypertrojjhjr from

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led me to expect. The relief of suffering was continuous though the

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signed it on account of their elevation to the peer

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The Soluble Metals. Dr. Oscar Werler presents an able plea for the

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Convalescence Weakness of Children and the maladies caused

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livery the use of the forceps the indications for sym

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plation rivers for fresh waters and it may be for commerce

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fibro sarcomata may grow from the peritoneal surface usually the posterior

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forestalled and differential diagnosis has no value

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is almost always in a forward direction that the polycystic tumour must

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complete paralysis of the right arm and leg but not of

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structive processes during the rest between contractions just balance the

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in course shrinkage ol the liver will eventually follow

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treated at these free disp gt ensaries every year without the

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streptococcic serum under the skin gave in per cent

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