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swelling of the right lower limb. The only unhealthy condition that

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result of the abuse of spirituous liquors. At other times it is an

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occasion than any words we can utter. We thank you for

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of an Ongoing Prospective Study. Proc. of the Second USCF Symposium

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in our pamphlet of the results obtained by others. Pamphlet mailed to applicants.

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surface contamination is carried into the vulva and vagina

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Arthritis Deformans. Chorea. Rheumatic Fever Rheumatic

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toothache but in very bad cases a second application may be required

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When ascites supervenes in an emaciated patient who is the subject of

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sanitation on the ships or stations under their care and constant efforts are

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wound was closed. The following year the abdomen was

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extent or at least delayed by drying the surface and by refrigeration.

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The paralysis of the sphincters is intimately connected with

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tics surgery principles and practice of medicine obstet

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Lake Erie and the latter by tributaries of the Ohio. The divid

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which a captain was shot through the thigh severing

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says irritate the stomach they act upon the intestines as much as is

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pancreatitis but its significance is not altogether clear. It

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