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the side of the head in case of a complication of the
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Ky. to accept the Chair of Surgical Pathology and Diseases
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been splendid progress in the investigation that has
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varied theorie s have been formulated regarding its nature. At times
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the first hundred treated. The most favourable age period for
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the wound was healed and his arm continues perfectly straight
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ecchymoses and eschars may be present in them they are
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tus choledochus we must distinguish whether they are wedged
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ties did the most efiective work. This work consisted in
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membrane or upon the general system through its aplas
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proved that the bronchial arteries convey considerable quantities
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cases one or more of the coats of the arteries are thickened
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years most authorities considered the condition as primarily
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give small doses of aconite and belladonna or an ounce of nitrate
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toward recovering a man from consumption and now the
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In my own household all milk and all drinking water were
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uric acid corresponding to the total increase of nitrogen but that its

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