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voice, at least with one which, if a little rough and

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are distinguished as fractures of the base and fractures of the vault,

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administer anodynes for the relief of pain. Forty or fifty drops of lau-

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ways be distinctly related to clinical medicine; no

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Dr. William Armstrong's, No. 193, Lombard Street, Philadelphia,

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The importance of a knowledge as to what to do immediately

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The importance of the first of these properties is apparent on an exami-

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of the quadriceps extensor is unduly sustained. In 50 cases of chorea,

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and that the valet, remaining in such an epidemic centre, had contracted it just as the

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to the inmates of a room of lead-poisoning in freshly

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ing variety, but with little, if any, augmented volume,

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point of diagnosis was brought out in this? they were found to number upwards of a

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good practice. Afterwards, if it can be done, the great measure is

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Scouring Balls, to Remove Grease, etc., from Cloth.

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cases will be brought into court as soon as the proper evidence

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danger after the disease has subsided ; by warm clothing, by pre-

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utmost. Perhaps if it were known that all inmates of our penal

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Some of the flowgraphs and some of our documents are available free of charge,

some require you to register;

a complete set is available for purchase.

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