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wards, was directly exposed to contagion. The writer

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all cases these colorless secretions are harmless, and regular sexual

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scarcely be doubted. We wish to point out, however, that the goal

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The necessity for the creation of a National Health

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cially towards its termination, and recur from time to time. They in-

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of the choanal arches is pathognomonic of sphenoid dis-

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destruction with rising temperature. It will be noticed that the hypothetical

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serum, and when the serum of these rabbits is then injected in guinea-

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which a band passes outward and slightly upward and suf-

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retraction witli which cicatrices are endowed as Delpech has well

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are no teeth, nor swelling of the gums. The epiphyses of the

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denied, migraine was present in 10 of the 17 cases reported. Five had attacks

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2 Manufactured by Leitz, Wetzlar, from the author's design.

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escence. During the attack of pneumonia, as is well recognized, the

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will feel a sense of heaviness in the head, stupor, and a

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so complete that the muscles of the eye. the brain, optic nerve,

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some cases of phosphorus poisoning, without any albuminuria or other appre-

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ing, superficially necrotic tumor-growth, which occupies it,

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fore arguable that the colour was due solely to congestion, whilst the

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renal calculus, a floating kidney, and the presence of in-

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ticularly at night ; tenderness in the region of the stomach to the touch,

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and camphoroxol, and the claim is made that any one of these

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6. — Edgar reports a case of repeated ectopic gesta-

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variable are the symptoms, which may in addition be masked by those due

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He was put on an exclusive milk diet, the quantity of milk being

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people almost all know each other, has had exceptional opportunities

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starving. ... It is exactly the same with regard to

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it has proved for many a condition of which it was not easy to form

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cesses of disinfection ; they are those of disintegrating or killing

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