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Pathology of Pneumonia Expbrihbmtal Researches. Dr.

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tion of mental excitement was nearly as important as

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pectoration thick tenacious mucus studded with dark specks.

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critical period of the year besides these supposed excitants a whole

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nerve being carefully preserved while making the inner one.

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remedies for the present position of matters patholog

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ject. Our author for the first time details experi

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tions etc. Teachers should refer to the medical inspectors for examina

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Treatment. The treatment combines perfect rest the exhibition of wine

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In order to simplify matters as much as possible my

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quiring skill and presence of mind in the adjustment

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richness or deficient in quantity simply or not only insufficient but

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cease in an inverted order the normal sound on percussion

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bacilli in all instances. Reaction following the in

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From malignant growth. This may sometimes arise. There is a history

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ally influenced by operative treatment and I have been very much

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matters with which it comes in contact on the surface in the

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throughout the entire Southwest Pacific Theater in July was to. men

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has to lament too frequently this result following disease in the chest

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turely by accident the fresh vaccination scar is seen to be fully

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processes when the disease itself appears that the words hooping

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that the cases were infected Be would pay attention to the patient s

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pilocarpine act through direct stimulation of the nervous system. Hysterical

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The Secretary elect was instructed to notify all members

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uterus first affected was not known but in the others

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not essential so long as the hemisphere is diagnosed an easy proposition. If

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medical department of the British army then in this coun


method of administering ether which from the little

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tages are said to be that it will anaesthetise a part more

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