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from compression. The rectum is most frequently compressed either

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As the chemistry of the mineral matter in woman s milk

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tient was told that this procedure might have to be

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it reduced but he continued quite lame and was on j able to

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such an accident especially when it occurs in apparent health in a subject

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although the attending physician had stated in reply to

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they are very young. This longer survival of young animals is ascribed

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plain was to him a feast. Every one was good but the

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vagus pressure had little effect on either tabetics or non tabetics. Occa

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ings in persons alleged to have died of hydrophobia and

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Hub peritoneal method holds out as good a prospect of success

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mesentery and the formation of soft nodules varying in size from a

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Finally after prolonged search the spirochete was found

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ing tissue is red indurated and itchy and constitutional

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to have congenital as well as acquired malformation. The

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of bromide of potassium or bark No doubt such things are useful

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drugs which can be best detected by plunging a skewer deeply into the

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tympanic abdomen reflex symptoms convulsions chorea

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In many sections especially those from near the centre of

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ease should be in most cases the preliminary intra

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Childhood is essentially the age which is most susceptible to polio

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be determined. Ferrier however will not confess to a similar ignorance

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lemon involving the pylorus and adherent to the under surface of

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ment of the Puerperant. by Dr. Jesse Stroup of Washing

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