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anaesthetic is administered. The limbs are carefully wrapped in

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our knowledge of modern massage we are indebted to Mezger of

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delivery of many incarcerated uteri from behind the sacral promontory.

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Pathology of Pneumonia Expbrihbmtal Researches. Dr.

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The Secretary was instructed to cast the ballot of the

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cient means for advancing our knowledge of disease.

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inability to work. The same author writes also about the

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seminated lesions in the motor area of the brain lesions

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of imparting to students just that sort of knowledge best suited to

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arm and it falls limp it is a pretty sure sign that

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affecting its root however in some instances of disease of this nerve the

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of complete obstruction the ducts become enormously dilated up to the size

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was noticed during the ten days that I attended the

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of the maxillary nerve which gives off branches for the supply of

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