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dent debt, and the Council helped spark renewed attention to



the urethra becomes narrowed, so that a stricture which offers but a slight ob-

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purulent, and partially gelatinous, and rusty colored. Flatness upon percussion, most marked

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alleged unsoundness, is an average degree of intellectual development so as to

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Society issued about this time a series of orders for the forcible

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does not imply sterility ; except in the case of grave disorders, ovulation con-

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cervical nodes), and that the pulmonary tuberculosis appeared

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more important explanations of this difficulty. Byford is opposed to

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result of much work, thought, and research. Though it may seem

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I would gladly give the details from my notes but in some in-

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2. The Character of the Stools. — The faeces passed are always

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ease has been played, the patient falls into a state of inertness of mind and

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to prevent free circulatory interchange at the ulcer-bearing area.

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in other conditions ; but all the elements, the ueutro-

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was a greater sensibility to cold in it, and in the right side of

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Porter, Garber, Savory, and Ljunggren have all made the incision in the

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in the lungs. Most physiologists, following Pfliiger, and be-

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of proper calibre ai"e far more readily applied and much

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Thus, in Bostrom's case a fibromyzoma had penetrated into an al-

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lated e'imination of ozone, by means of phosphorus,

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the beginning of a pain, and often to aid the action of the forceps

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and may vary from the Bize (say) of a pin's head np to that of a buich of

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excluded." The difficulty we meet here, is to determine

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passage of the electric current. Similar cells in which the hydrogen

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it, distal end of its ureter, is not well understood. How-

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a confession in which the members of the Society decline to

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suming their true position and receiving their proper

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tially suspended, the shoulders and pelvis being fixed,

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student enjoyed the interest from the princely sum of $83 invested for

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relative amounts of work done in each exercise were compared

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secretions to determine the relations of bacilli to lesions of

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is aware that the best constructed apparatus cannot take the

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Macallum. Transactions Canadian Institute, Vol. II. 1892.

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in the size of the cells is always seen, and some large cells

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multiparse is premature birth. Prolapsed funis, as a cause of

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days to a week. In the cases that run a favorable course the cerebral

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of the uterus which is so commonly encountered and so

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