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esting case of traumatic aneurism of the temporal artery. The tumor which


opened surgically. As suggested under the different varieties

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was so quick in action that the knife could immediately

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thefe which may therefore be ufed with equal fuccefs in any place

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road with a good surface oiled or properly cared for the control of

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Of much greater importance is the action of the facial nerve on

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for the Prevention of Tuberculosis E. Leslie Gilliams

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other calls on the time and the skill of the sister

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places and some of the organisms found microscopically in the

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and whole neighborhoods have foiTOed the habit of advising the

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given mostly biscuits light meal syrup and very little

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External Nervous Mechanism. Stimuli are carried to the intestine through

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I. Results of the experiments made with hetteborus nig

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certain rights in the sale and distribution of liquor. It is to the

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determination of correct principles and methods of disinfection and the

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fifty eight percent. This mortality though a very high

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side and consisted of crepitation and dulne.ss which

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agencies in the distribution of items for individual malaria control. They

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modation to the feelings of the human heart. Nature had

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tending force that is transmitted through the adhe

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influence of Pott or some of his pupils or perhaps as Lucas

d penicillamine side effects dogs

in the case of fractures of the femur and of the humerus. In

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more alkali is added. The methyl orange is therefore itself unrespon

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its reaction acid. He quotes Mayer s observations on the milk of cows

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There is however a very important matter which physiologists


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believed that a man entering upon practice could do

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ent logically increases as the size and complexity of the

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work of the private practitioner has proportionately increased.

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portant that brevity and actual interest shall characterize com

penicillamine side effects dogs

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