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Basedow s disease or exopthalmic goiter is a chronic disease
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Of cultures were positive according to microscopic examination
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pulmonary artery and was firmly attached to its posterior wall.
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Competition open to all medical officers and former medical officers of the
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using it that this classification may be after all as Lepine suggests only
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shilling. They had no red rim around nor induration nor did deep
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Encyclopedists. It is the custom to conclude tliat the spirit
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the right arm is more commonly affected and that injury or
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induce running at that organ. Repeat this three times
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consisted essentially in operations for necrosis and excisions of
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vent fraud and abuse and ensure quality of and access to health
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layer of benzol colophonium. The cover glass is applied
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if frequently transferred from one tube of agar agar to another it wUl
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with topical applications. Ordinarily it is believed that
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present in American surface waters which in the event of an
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differences may be large enough to keep the errors of calculation low.
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puSy and in every case though six to ten days after operation the
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The altered electrical reactions of the so called reaction
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in nature. The prochiets formed by its decomposition are not only
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ditch it is said to have been offered to Dr. William M.
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above mentioned case they consider it to have been the sole
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though much more limited than we could desire and than we expect them
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indirect eiFect on the prevalence of leprosy must however be freely
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than he had anticipated because the pharmaceutical indus
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sometimes occur in horses involving the arytenoid and
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rub the mercury and acid over it with a linen rag when
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Sig. Warm the solution and apply thoroughly followed by
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energy and therefore in the quality of the specific virus by
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been set aside or ignored by some of the Continental operators. Dr.
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value we yet know that there is no difficulty in curing the most
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cerebral embolism and a terminal hemorrhage the gland would
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All of them are distinguished from the anthropoids by the
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which may in almost all cases be compared to that of lightning.
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sionally that such and such a one will he assigned to fill the
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student above referred to and by myself u on our own persons.
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The classification was founded principally on an etiological
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tation produces a temporary blanching of the parts from the
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John Moore aged thirty five came under treatment Sept.

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