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whole race so that we do not perish by such a fearful disease.

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the suprarenal capsules or rather as shown by later observers with

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forms of double malformation the degree of duplicity the

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huge reservoirs in mountain regions first to improve

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and by they will rise and saunter towards the bar perhaps or they

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rings of the trachea be excised as has been done in

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not also the other chemical substances or toxic substances which are

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was adherent to the deep aspect of the occipital sinus which I

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ever death took place from tlie first of these causis

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given at weekly intervals. The sinuses closed and discharge

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mined by fettling the diftin V acceptation of the words cold and

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magnesia will succeed in exciting the paralysed bowels to action

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give small doses of aconite and belladonna or an ounce of nitrate

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less severe while indications of severe paralysis develop as a

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healthy urine. More recently Baisch and others have operated

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to the foundation of the first public library and. in hort

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usually worse just before the menstrual period which

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tion of the upper fragment. Then the lower fragment must

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and efpecially minerals amp c. may be endow d with confiderable medicinal

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sport in the gymnasium by punching the bag or by chop

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than in the acute disease but persist with exacerbations in cold damp

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The condition of the intestinal dischargee requires at this

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point to be attended to in the cure of sprains for a sprain

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parties mentioned above also died of leprosy. The theory held by

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the specimen a preservative should be added such as drops of per cent

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Mr. Morgan said such operations must rarely be neces

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mucoid material. A section of the cyst wall showed a

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entirely superfluous to comment upon the work in general. The

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from a pathological standpoint still this would be by no

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tions etc. Teachers should refer to the medical inspectors for examina

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cooked pork. The trichina is a little worm which gets

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nature of cholera. After the most careful study of the micro

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Dr. Updegraff called attention to the nominating ballots and stated that

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