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rics. The method of teaching these latter subjects by
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what the anemic aspect of the patient suggests viz that
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control culture of fixed virus in bouillon was ren
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letters you would not address him by his official title or if you
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usual activity in medical affairs. Societies resume
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disagreeable sensation of constriction in the parts.
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are cavities in the spinal cord so situated as to implicate the paths
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These are sometimes due to tonsillar or nasopharyngeal disease.
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burg and author of a number of text books on obstet
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eration for gallstones showed thickened gall bladder
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Ilydrangcsi Hydrangea Arborescens. This grows abundantly in
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The general principles of the induction coil have aheady been
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had been quite obnoxious yet claimed that in recent times
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you must examine the wound most carefully remove all the
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Dr. Knox gave the results of his clinical observations
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uterine activity allow for a scar as strong as if not
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The arrest of a fortune teller whose supposed revela
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Thus if the right side of the liver and gall bladder are
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West Coast of Africa to cause spasm and irritation of the neck of
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and other external glands may be involved or glands situated
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was placed in an insane asylum for observation before
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various preparations and constituents of the Cornus Flor
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Spina bifida cured by aspiration and injection of iodine.
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converted into cream is emulsionized by the action of the
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made by the same corps of medical inspectors under the
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suffer much less from smallpox than the unvaccinated
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difference between the bacilli met with was one of viru
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A recent research of B. Frankel s demonstrates that the dissemina
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while the spleen lies very deeply its long axis corresponding almost exactly
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appointment of Health Officer of the Port of New York. He
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showed that forty nine cases thirty six io children under sixteen years and
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column the most desirable filter thickness is given
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Lagarde Colonel Louis A. Gunshot Injuries How They are Inflicted
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in parenchymatous Tonsillitis. This form of Tonsillitis
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developing as a secondary manifestation in the edges of the cicatrices a
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Out of six cases treated with the extract four sur
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Foreign bodies which get into the oesophagus usually pass into
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latter may be noticed some very heavy and clumsy artificial
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MORPETH DISPENSARY House Surgeon Ci.. per annum furnished
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in the convalescence. The inunctions are to be repeated two or
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thinks it is conceivable that cancer of the gall bladder is
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outcome of studies on the cause of pellagra in this
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have honored themselves by honoring him and paid the debt so justly

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