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the venous congestion observed in the cortical portion of the
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ment of myopie mecanique, you will have already anticipated, consists in the
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presence of the specific cause — germs — we need offer no
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adopted by the author of the present paper. M. Bouillaud regards cirrhosis as
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year, various places on the coast of Isformandy, including Havre,
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silence, being unwilling to obtrude our private concerns upon our readers, or to
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if we examine the muscles of the trunk of a' leech or snail, it is
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clearly ascertained to exist by Bouillaud, who pointed out the true laws which
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the hand or bottle has reached 50 per cent. Nor is the evil of
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selves^ an influence which seems to be supported by the results
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Med. Gazette for Jan. 1840, contains the following case, read by Dr.
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afleotions is fatal. Often to the cardiac complication is added a left
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epidemics of cholera. The total mortality througliout Egypt, from
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and those without albimiinuria, and thus helped to pave the way
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