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actions of the Medical Society of the State of New York Vol..

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the superior mesenteric and ovarian vessels. In the

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Surgeon Fauntleroi in charge of the hospital second

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conclusion that you have to deal with a case of severe

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mass in the right inguinal region. It appeared eighteen

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Robert Tiffen of Wigton took the Chair and there were present

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cases of aphasia purely motor. Of these latter perhaps the best

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local action as the one which tends to produce inflamma

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wonder was that this work had never been done before

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when misled with albuminoids failed to give any reaction

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ute. It is very small unequal and irregular but never intermittent.

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cludes his pamphlet in saying Taking in consideration clinical

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other. That he was excellent as a lecturer is proved

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have more right than most men to stand by and dictate in

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eration of the heart except as a conjectural diagnosis

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feculent matter to the most severe pains and the other symp

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cent. chloroform or tincture of aconite may be laid

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lated for in the mortgage or pay the taxes assessed on the

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