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sioned Veterinarians under a chief veterinarian having adequate rank and
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small glands situated just under the skin and is brought to the surface
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cellular tissue which connects together all our parts forms over the whole
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growth of the Staphylococcus albus on occasions out
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agent is the streptococcus then we have the mixed infection
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stances in which the swelling and exudate are very great the subsidence is
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secretion or fermentation the greater the amount of acid excretion in
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and was found unconscious in his room in a hotel and
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put under a course of tonics and bitters. The appetite and
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hydrochloric acid if it contain albumin tbis should
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small that it will not prevent the quack from exercising his
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brought into this country by German immigrants. If Professor Sunmer
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journal in fact well deserves its success for a more valuable

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