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action of the cold. A portion of a garden-hose with a sprinkler is read-

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flow continuously through. Or again in rhythmic tremor such as paralysis

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been seen in the Southern States. The importation of infected Italian,

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DISEASES OF WOMEN. By J. Bland Sutton, F. R. C. S., Assistant Surgeon to

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predisposing factors. The lung-tissue is sometimes the seat of diffuse

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is the defect. The attitude of the persecutor is clear, he wishes

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possibly in small measure to combined HCl, and partly and sometimes

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young children than in adults, form a larger part of the inflammatory

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nosis in association with aortic regurgitation. Here the stenotic deficiency

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The meclianical means of relieving habitual constipation, as by

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forces the cardiac stimulants and purgatives before mentioned often

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the affection be limited to a definite portion of the bronchial tree? " and

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Diseases, Materials and Drugs used in Antiseptic Surgery, Treatment

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temperature is always high— 105° or even 108° F. (40.5°-42.2° C);

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in time, and may be heard at the apex over a limited surface-area. This

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force them by any means save argument. He always keeps in

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events becomes easy of interpretation. Tlie cases may be divided into

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Vomiting, also, alternating vf ith painful retching, is more constant, and

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face, followed by friction to the skin, should be practised daily for its

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profound anemia follows, the blood, however, being rapidly replaced.

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Of medicines, those that rank highest are phosphorus, the hypophos-

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■ (3) Certain diseases, such as purpura hcemorrhagica, scurvy, anemia,

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cortex cause various disturbances of vision according to the part affected. ^

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to have you make a nearer inspection, so that you may know

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brachial nerves. It may also be damaged by disease limited to the low-

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a test-tube, over the mouth of which place a strip of moistened blue

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between these two services the Gazette underwent some vicissi-

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proves beneficial; and silver nitrate (gr. |-J — 0.008-0.016, thrice daily).

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tremities may be useful, but applied to the heart-region can be only

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and posterior columns, and in Lissauer"s tract. The degeneration ex-

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the brain are distended by the cerebro-spinal fluid. In the congenital

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obstruction may be easily made. The determination of the seat of

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