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ney; Mrs. Gibney died in 1888. At Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1893,
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upper cervical vertebrae. The anchylosis is incomplete, allow-
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mediate education. His studies were continued in the Union School
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Dr. Campbell has also been the attending surgeon. He is surgeon-
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Rhode Island. His eldest brother, Elisha Smith Thomas,
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cially during the lying-in period. He takes the just ground that a woman, for a
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as to the detection of intestinal parasites ? Have we no absolute
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subject. His research found expression in many papers written for
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all this talk of contagion ; that one person caught the disease
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The house physician, wishing to count the pulse, pressed his finger in the usual
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to the Century, Army and Navy (Washington, D. C.) clubs.
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that vigor of character and moral energy often struggle suc-
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thousands of injuries and wounds of all kinds), no instance
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the electrical circuit is, therefore, always closed. The current is,
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rank in the administration, having been comptroller of Poland under
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cial study, and for eighteen months profited by the
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SuTgcTT and Disease of Women of ihc fiist Pia-Atoercan
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as practised to-day. The senior author, Robert Barnes, stands
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and disease from those of former times. Our profession is
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consequently the visits were few during the four months' treat-
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ticed at Northampton, Mass., and in Boston, and then removed to
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an ardent believer in the " germ theory," and, as is perhaps natu-
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strongly to the " heroic " in preventive medicine. The style is
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cious scepticism is wiser than blind credulity," would apparently
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which may, directly or indirectly, be traced to the presence of
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course the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1901. He served as in-
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attack of gonorrhoea about two years before applying at the dis-
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or ache, was by covering the affected part with something warm.
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derive the greatest benefit from treatment in this war. The results
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our table, of a certain modest, gray-covered brochure, 1 has given
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sistant body with very considerable vital force is subjected
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Brothers" Hcspiial ; President of the Medical Staff of Cook
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the date of the second commencement. After graduation he at once
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A System of Medicine based upon the Law of Homceop-

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